1. Applicability

    1. Ordering through the Chiquedings internet website implies that the customer has read, understood and accepted these general terms and conditions.

    2. Derogation from these general terms and conditions shall be possible only by means of contracts signed by both Chiquedings and the customer, and shall be applicable only as regards the points stated in them. All other points of the general terms and conditions shall remain unaltered and applicable.

    3. These general terms and conditions shall also be applicable to any possible intermediaries for Chiquedings and to any possible intermediaries for the customer.

  2. Items and prices offered

    1. The items are described and represented as accurately as possible on the website. If there is a mistake or a difference in colour, for example, despite all the precautions, it will not be possible to hold Chiquedings responsible for this. The colours on the screen can differ from the colours as they really are.

    2. The prices that are valid at the moment the order is made shall be applied.
      All prices stated include the legally applicable VAT.

    3. Chiquedings uses a separate distribution company to dispatch the products and, based on the information the customer has provided, the delivery costs are quoted as accurately as possible.

      Chiquedings cannot be held liable for any derogation from these delivery costs that are caused exclusively by a distribution company. The distribution company appointed by Chiquedings shall deliver only on workdays and during normal working hours. These may differ from one country to the next.

    4. If the item that the customer has ordered is not in stock, he will be informed accordingly by e-mail.

      The order, or the relevant part of the order, will then be cancelled and the customer will, within 30 days after he has been informed that the item is no longer in stock, be reimbursed for the corresponding amount that he has paid in advance.

  3. Information from the customer

    The customer is obliged to inform Chiquedings of all the information that Chiquedings deems necessary to ensure that the order is carried out smoothly and correctly.

    For these purposes, Chiquedings will indicate the mandatory fields of the Chiquedings E-shop, which have to be completed to carry out the order.

    The customer is solely responsible for the correctness, comprehensiveness and accuracy of the information that he has provided.

  4. The order

    1. Conclusion of the order

      The order takes effect when the customer electronically confirms the order to Chiquedings.

      Chiquedings reserves the right to refuse the order, not to carry it out or to subject it to additional conditions if one of the following occurs:

      • the customer has provided incorrect, incomplete and/or false data;
      • there is evidence or serious indications of non-payment and/or fraud by the customer;
      • (a) previous order(s) has (have) still not been paid, for whatever reason.
    2. Guarantee for the customer - consumer

      Based on Articles 1649 bis et seq of the Civil Code as regards sales to the consumer, the customer-consumer has a legal guarantee at his disposal.

      The customer acknowledges that, to be able to enjoy the rights accompanying this legal guarantee, he is to submit the delivery note to Chiquedings.

    3. Guarantee for the customer - non-consumer

      Complaints concerning hidden defects are to be lodged within 15 days of having established the defect.

      Chiquedings’s liability will then be limited to repairs where possible, replacement by a similar product or reimbursement of the purchase price.

      Chiquedings shall under no circumstances be liable for indirect consequences of the unavailability of a product resulting from this product’s defectiveness.

      Chiquedings’s guarantee term can in no way exceed the manufacturers’ guarantee term and will in any event be limited to six months.

      It shall under no circumstances be possible to hold Chiquedings liable for the damage, including bodily harm, and the consequences for the customer or a third party which are the result of lack of maintenance, unauthorised or improper use, intentional damage or negligence.

    4. Right to cancel – conditions and manner of exercise

      The customer, who wishes to use the items exclusively for non-professional purposes, is entitled to notify Chiquedings that he cancels his purchase within 7 workdays of the day following the conclusion of the order or upon delivery of the items.

      If the customer cancels his purchase of the ordered items, and does so within 7 workdays of the day following the conclusion of the order or upon delivery of the items, then the customer is to return the items, unopened, to Chiquedings within 10 workdays of the delivery, and he is to do so in accordance with the instructions as they are stated in the e-mail from Chiquedings’s logistics service to the customer.

      The customer acknowledges that he is liable for the costs and the risks of the return dispatch.

      Only if the unopened items are returned within the abovementioned term and in accordance with the instructions as stated by Chiquedings’s logistics service, will Chiquedings, after it has received the items concerned, reimburse the customer for the advance payment, and it will do so within 30 days after Chiquedings has received the respective items.

  5. Delivery term – address – how to order

    1. In Belgium, Chiquedings undertakes to deliver the order within 7 workdays if all the products are in stock.

      For deliveries abroad, one should count on a delivery term of approximately 10 workdays.

      This delivery term is indicated in good faith, although it is not guaranteed.

      Under no circumstances can a delay in the delivery lead to a cancellation of the order and/or compensation for damages.

    2. Chiquedings delivers the items ordered by the customer at the address he has provided.

      If the customer is not there, a message is left and the item is presented a second time.

      If delivery is impossible or if the customer refuses to accept delivery, Chiquedings will contact the customer to deliberate with him.

      The customer will be charged for all costs for a second delivery, destruction or return of the consignment.

      Upon default of timely instructions by the customer, Chiquedings will destroy or sell the consignment as it deems fit.

      If the consignment cannot be delivered because the customer’s address is incorrect or incomplete, Chiquedings will contact the customer and attempt to find the correct address.

      Additional costs for the delivery at an address that differs from the one that was originally provided by the customer will be charged.

    3. Upon delivery, the customer signs a receipt for the delivery. If he refuses the delivery because of hidden defects and/or irregularities, he is to state this on the delivery receipt.

      After signing the receipt, the customer checks the delivery against the packing list that is attached to the packet. If the number or the nature of the items ordered by the customer does not correspond with what is stated on the packing list, or the contents of the packet, the customer shall notify Chiquedings accordingly within 2 workdays after the items have been delivered.

    4. Any possible complaints of damage to the ordered goods must be sent through to Chiquedings within 2 workdays, at the latest. It must be possible to show us the contents and the original packaging to corroborate the complaint.

  6. Terms and conditions of payment – possible reimbursement and invoicing

    1. The items ordered by the customer are to be paid before they are delivered.

    2. This payment may be made by means of a credit card in the following manner:

      • the customer orders the items he wants;
      • the customer pays the amount of the respective items by means of a credit card.
    3. If the order can still not be carried out for whatever reason, the amount paid in advance by the customer will be re-transferred and this will be done, at the latest, 30 days after payment.

    4. Only customers, who, as a result of the order, have provided a company registration number, will receive an invoice for the items ordered.

  7. Privacy protection

    Chiquedings or its employees safely file all personal data required to process the order and the data may, where necessary to process the order, be passed on to firms with which Chiquedings, or its service providers, collaborate.

    Every time Chiquedings passes on personal data to third parties, these third parties may only process these personal data for the purposes that are strictly allied to their tasks.

    These third parties are bound by the conditions that Chiquedings imposes on them, which guarantees privacy protection.

    Besides the objectives described above, Chiquedings may also process your personal data for advertising purposes.

    Where it is necessary to manage the advertising system, your personal data may also be passed on to companies with which Chiquedings or its service providers collaborate.

    Within the scope of the applicable legal stipulations, the natural person who can prove his identity, may, by addressing a dated and signed letter to the Chiquedings customer service, obtain the statement or request the correction of his data that have been processed by Chiquedings.

    He may also, by addressing this customer service, always object to the use of his personal and traffic data with a view to direct marketing.

  8. Nullity

    The nullity, impracticability or unenforceability of one clause of the order will not impair the validity, practicability or enforceability of the other stipulations of the order, except if it is impossible to proceed with the order without this clause.

  9. Applicable law and competent Courts

    The Belgian law shall be applicable to this website and to all orders.

    In the case of a dispute, the Courts of the jurisdictional district of Tunrhout will have exclusive competence.

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